Things your health food shop or fav vegan restaurant may not even know

Throughout the Caribbean and United States people are spending close to half of their food budget eating out. The majority of these places are not providing you with foods or ingredients that promote actual health. There lies a deep and dark misconception of vegan and vegetarian food automatically being healthy. I decided to highlight some things that your health food shop or fav vegan restaurant may not even know .

Are you still commanded by the smell of fast food in the air? Do you see yourself going to fast food locations but only ordering apple pie and french fries? This diet of starch which turns into sugar in the blood does not make you healthy. The sensory overload that you receive at a fast food restaurant has been carefully designed to keep you returning. The salts and sugar combinations with the trans fat and beef fat soak potatoes triggers the part of the brain that narcotics trigger. If fast food is the number 1 then number 2,3, and 4 would logically be clogged arteries, obesity and overall poor health. In this article I’ll show you that full-service restaurants (vegan-vegetarian) are often serving up even more sodium, cholesterol, and sometimes increased usage of (msg).

So you take the step and become a vegetarian or vegan and now you think that you’re automatically going to be a healthier person? Wrong!!! Majority of vegetarians and vegans are addicted to junk food they should be better identified as starchatarians, with a preference for a drug called nutritional yeast (msg)addicts.

What about the daily specials? I guess you often think the special is something the chef prepared freshly this morning using whole foods and nothing but quality ingredients? Wrong again! Daily specials are often prepared specifically to get rid of ingredients that has expired or is close to the end of shelf life. Sauce and Gravy can cover up just about anything..

This very high end restaurant only uses olive oil and vegan butter so it’s healthy to eat here? Wrong again!!

Olive oil should never be heated and when it is heated it changes the chemical make up and becomes a toxin. I never use olive oil unless I am making a vinaigrette or salad dressing. In terms of butter the large quantities of butter that is used to create that beautiful brown sear, that velvet smooth sauce, and flavor that keeps your taste buds triggering your brain to make a mental note to always eat here is also very unhealthy. Avg calories in a restaurant meal 1100-1600.

This healthy vegan restaurant has the most amazing vegetable proteins and soy proteins and they make their own nut cheese with nutritional yeast. Is this healthy? Wrong again!! The real reason you like this restaurant is because of MSG. You thought as long as they put up a sign saying it’s MSG free or the ingredients are listed you would be ok. Msg, Glutamic acid, monosodium glutamate, is not only a white power added to your food to trick your taste buds and mind. It is also a derivative of the food processing business. Because of this simple fact you are actually increasing your intake of unhealthy foods while also increasing your consumption of msg.

Let me tell you a little secret that most chef don’t know and don’t care to know. MSG is not only an ingredient that is added to your food it is also a derivative or processing proteins and also yeast. What I am saying is in the process vegetable proteins or soy proteins making msg is surely going to happen. They will not have to list it in ingredients because technically it was not an ingredient that was added to the product. This also includes your soy sauce, or nutritional yeast package, baby formula, the list is long so I will make another blog about it highlighting the code names for MSG that manufactures use and maybe a video or something in the future.

Anyone in this business would tell you that working in the industry is extremely demanding. You can not call out sick unless you’re in the hospital. That means the majority of people preparing your food are not actually healthy and with the salaries and income that is paid to the employees they often can not afford to call in sick, bills are always going to be more important than your health.

You are the gate keeper of your body


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