Personal/Private Culinary services

We’ll schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation via email, phone, or in person. During our consultation we’ll discuss your preferences, specific dietary requirements and health goals to determine what service most benefits you. If the consultation is conducted in your home I’ll do a “walk through” to asses your kitchen and note my suggestions.

As your personal culinary alchemist each morning  I hand-select the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and specialty stores. I procure only organic , vital foods when available and any additional pantry items that may be required. Each meal is made fresh in your home to your personal specifications and packaged, labeled and stored with relevant handling and heating instructions. At the end of your preparations, I will leave your kitchen as tidy as I found it and your home will be filled with the aroma of freshly prepared meals ready for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Pantry Patrol – I organize your pantry and stock it with healthy options and staples for wellness.

I’m available to accompany you to various stores and navigate the aisles, to introduce you to ingredients you may be unfamiliar with which add to your well-being.

Grocery Shopping – Sourcing the freshest ingredients from grocery stores, specialty stores, farmer’s markets and local farms. I select and deliver quality whole foods to your residence and properly stock them in your kitchen.

Detox Program – Individualized plan for cleansing the body through targeted recipes and instructions for the program as well as ongoing support. Let me help you gently detoxify your body to improve your health, boost energy levels and gain better mental clarity.  My plant based detox plan includes vibrant green juices, nutritional broths and soups, soothing teas, seasonal fruits, greens, berries, nuts and whole grains, raw foods and semi raw foods.

Boutique In-Home Catering – I will come to your home and cook for your next gathering, whether it be a dinner party with unique small plates, hors d’oeuvres, or an intimate multi-course celebration with family and friends. I can create a delicious custom menu for up to 10 people featuring wholesome, seasonal food that will be served to you and your guests gourmet style.

Pricing Information

For complete detailed pricing information, please contact me

*While The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has many years of experience; he is not a medical doctor.
Nor does he provide medical advice. Client must acknowledge that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has advised Client to seek the advice of his or her physician or other health care provider if Client has any medical questions or concerns, such as the menus provided. In addition, Client must agree that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) does not intend or claim to treat any medical conditions with its menus, rather provide support for Client to make healthier and more informed food choices.

**An additional fee may apply for those clients outside a 25-mile radius from center of upper east side Miami area.


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