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Greetings I am Drigo, a Miami based health-supportive natural foods alchemist.  I am a  natural foods chef, cooking class instructor, and wellness consultant specializing in raw food, vegan, vegetarian, plant based, & pescatarian cuisine. I found my life’s purpose by making the connection between how food affects our mind, body and soul. Which has now become one of my passions. Sharing how we can take control of our health mentally, physically and spiritually starting with the foods we put in our body.

“Helping my clients transition to a healthier lifestyle” -Drigo

Do you want to eat healthy, but don’t have time to cook?

Are you recovering from an illness?

Are you transitioning to a healthier lifestyle?

Do you have fatigue, stress and digestive issues?

Maybe you would prefer to have someone with knowledge of nutritious, healing foods do the work for you so that you don’t have to! If you answered yes to any of the questions above you will benefit from my personal culinary service. This service is for people who want wholesome gourmet meals made in the comfort of your own home.. I come to your home once or twice a week and prepare an array of healthy delicious meals tailored to you: I shop, cook, clean up, and package the meals in your refrigerator. You simply choose which meal you’d like to eat when you get home, heat it up and enjoy!

A personal chef session starts at $330/day(4 hr block) or $117/hr + groceries

*all other services billed separately.

-Natural whole foods with no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, no msg, no artificial colors/flavors or sweeteners and dairy free milk.

-Implement organic ingredients and creatively and carefully transforms them into new nutritious and healing dishes–keeping in mind the consumers’ optimal health.

-Passionate about giving my clients real food. I support local farmers and make conscious food choices when sourcing ingredients for your meals. Upon request I can select organic and local seasonal produce.

-I utilize the inherent properties and natural qualities of each food and combine them with complimentary ingredients to enhance flavor and health benefits.

-Dedication to creating meals especially for your needs. You will feel the difference after a few sessions, more energy and a zest for life.

-Experienced in diverse ethnic dishes such as Caribbean Cuisine, Indian, Thai, African, Latin Cuisine and many more.

-My intent is to not only innovate in the kitchen, without sacrificing the subtle aromas, taste, health and beauty of natural foods, I aspire to make sure that each bite a gastronomic work of art

Personal culinary service and cooking lessons can be paired with wellness consulting so you can make lasting changes to your health!  Contact me for a FREE Consultation and to learn more.

Contact me about Private Chef Services

*While The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has many years of experience; he is not a medical doctor.
Nor does he provide medical advice. Client must acknowledge that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has advised Client to seek the advice of his or her physician or other health care provider if Client has any medical questions or concerns, such as the menus provided. In addition, Client must agree that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) does not intend or claim to treat any medical conditions with its menus, rather provide support for Client to make healthier and more informed food choices.

**An additional fee may apply for those clients outside a 25-mile radius from center of upper east side Miami area.

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