Pantry Patrol

Pantry Patrol starts with an introduction to natural whole foods, in which you’ll learn how to stock  your pantry to eliminate processed foods, understand ingredient labels and learn about healthy alternatives to some of your favorite junk foods. I know it is a little overwhelming at first to change your eating habits (I know because I’ve been there! I haven’t always eaten  healthy), especially if you’ve recently discovered you or a family member have a food allergy. We’ll work together step by step and I’ll guide you to a new world of natural foods made easy.

Preparing healthy foods requires a pantry stocked with healthy options. Maintaining a pantry can be time-consuming and difficult.  Perhaps you’re unsure of which ingredients are better for you and which you will actually use. Activate Pantry Patrol with Drigo and take the stress out of your pantry so it stops hindering your health goals. Drigo can assist you in remaking your pantry – removing processed food, stocking the cabinets with healthy, wholesome food, and sharing a recipe or two along the way.

Free 30 minute phone consultation to asses health goals etc..

-2 hour session (multiple sessions are often necessary)

-Overview of healthy cooking and healthy eating options, based on you or your family’s needs

-Clean up and de clutter your pantry and transform it into a well-stocked natural foods oasis (groceries at additional cost)

-Kitchen equipment recommendation for full enjoyment of cooking healthy foods

-Recipe Makeovers suggestions to makeover your favorite family recipes for flavor and good health

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*While The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has many years of experience; he is not a medical doctor.
Nor does he provide medical advice. Client must acknowledge that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) has advised Client to seek the advice of his or her physician or other health care provider if Client has any medical questions or concerns, such as the menus provided. In addition, Client must agree that The Culinary Alchemist (Rodrigo Richardson) does not intend or claim to treat any medical conditions with its menus, rather provide support for Client to make healthier and more informed food choices.

**An additional fee may apply for those clients outside a 25-mile radius from center of upper east side Miami area.



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